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Referral partners

Our referral partners are professionals or organisations that work with families. They assess the needs of the family and complete the referral on their behalf. We ask that our referral partners sign an agreement before starting to refer families that sets out how we work. If you would like to become a referral partner, please email

Our packs

The packs we can provide are:

  • Newborn Essentials (e.g. towel, muslins, bibs)

  • Baby toiletries (e.g. nappies, wipes, baby wash)

  • Adult toiletries (e.g. shampoo, deodorant, shower gel)

  • Weaning pack (e.g. bowl, spoon, beakers)

We can also provide Moses Baskets, changing mats, toys, books, clothes (newborn - 5 years old) and other small baby equipment.

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